wow, livejournal lets me actually log on and native-ly post on mobile


So I've spent the last month trying to get this stupid website to work, and every time I had thought I had solved it, yet another issue with the internet cropped up, which *sigh*

But hey, whatever stupid script that I can't block and/or maneuver around is GONE in the mobile version. I am even on lj's post page right now and I'm typing this. I have defeated whatever CSS doesn't like my home's internet! \o/

How's everyone? :D

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hi I'm not gone or anything

 It's just with the second surgery and more major antibiotics, I am off of basically everything keeping me okay. No anti anxiety anything, no allergy meds, not even my vitamin E, and now that I'm off opiates, no painkillers either.

But I only have a couple more days of this and then however long it takes me to build up back to decent, mood wise.

I still do cherish everyone and such, but I can't concentrate or settle or relax right now. I am however coloring a bunch of mandalas from an old art therapy book of mine and organizing my bookmarks and catching up on my podcasts.

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opiates do not agree with me

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[edit] Also, thank you everyone for all of your well-wishes and sympathies. Because the clinic and the hospital were having problems communicating, I think it might actually end up cheaper? Not sure. Here's hoping? In any case, paying in cash will knock 50% off, so it might actually end up affordable, who knows.

back to the positives

  1.  Thank you, everyone, for the amazing response. I really needed it, and I appreciate all the reassurance that the surgery will fine. Actually, I must look petrified, because everyone I've talked to in the last couple of days has reassured me. :) 
  2. First round of payments sorted and I am officially booked for next Friday. Can't live on antibiotics forever, right?
  3. My mom got a nicer job today, yay! and my sister called me, and my MIL apologized for being rude *and* took us out for lunch and a drive. I really appreciate the universe paying it forward.
  4. I WON A BOOK OMGS :DDDDD [edit] Whoops, forgot to put the pertinent info: Poltergeeks by Sean Cummings

tent light

litany of woe (part 1)

 Well, at least doctor's visits aren't terribly expensive? *laughs weakly*

It was $93 to see the dermatologist and they will call me back when the surgeon is free and I've spent enough time on antibiotics.

The bad news was how much the antibiotics cost sans insurance: $190.87

*sigh* At least it's getting done and the doctor was nice. She nerded out (her words) over the cysts and we had (slightly painful) fun getting samples to culture. And she thinks the antibiotics will relieve a lot of the pain too, which will be amazing.